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Sugar-Hater Granola

Okay, okay….I don’t really hate sugar, but you know what I do hate?  Granola that tastes more like a bowl of Fruit Loops or Honey Bunches of Oats vs. a hearty, healthy breakfast.  I think there is simply too much sweet in nearly every granola recipe on the planet. In my quest for granola perfection (you … Continue reading

This Ham Wants to Party

This Ham Wants to Party

I adore Christmastime.  Especially in New York City.  Lights twinkle more than usual, the streets smell like pine, ladies teeter through alleys in their best party heels and it’s okay for guys to wear ear muffs.  Nothing says holiday merriment like a cocktail party, so despite our teeny living arrangements, The Wrights threw a party.  … Continue reading